Small Business & Home Essential First Aid & Trauma Kit


Product Details

Introducing the Essential First Aid and Trauma Kit, designed to be your go-to resource for safety and preparedness in home and small business environments. Housed in a sturdy plastic storage box, this kit combines durability with ease of use. With two fold-out trays and an easy-to-carry handle, it ensures quick access and mobility for all your first aid supplies during critical moments.

  • Advanced Trauma Care: With a North American Rescue Gen7 CAT-T Tourniquet, Premium Trauma Shears, and Quick-Clot 4×4 Dressing, you’re equipped to handle serious bleeding and trauma situations promptly and effectively.
  • Essential First Aid Supplies: Featuring 20 Band-Aids, 1 roll of tape, 2 rolls of gauze, and additional North American Rescue Compressed and S-Roll Gauze for managing cuts, scrapes, and wounds, facilitating proper care and infection prevention.
  • Specialized Equipment and Medications: The kit includes tweezers, a CPR mask, and a selection of medications such as Benadryl, Motrin, Tylenol, Aleve, Bacitracin, Hydrocortisone, and Burn Cream for allergic reactions, pain relief, and topical treatments.
  • Hygiene and Protection: Keep clean and reduce infection risks with 20 Alcohol Prep Pads, 5 Purell packets, and a pair of nitrile gloves. A face mask offers additional personal protection.
  • Temperature and Comfort: A Mylar blanket is provided for shock management and body temperature maintenance, with cold packs and disposable thermometers for minor injuries. A bite stick is included for seizure management or to protect during various emergencies.
  • Additional Essentials: Also contains 10 Q-Tips for gentle cleansing or application of creams and 2 packets of medical superglue for minor wound closure, ensuring readiness for a variety of first aid needs.

Crafted for efficiency, each item is selected based on emergency professional recommendations, tailored to meet the needs of a home or small business setting. Whether facing minor injuries or more serious emergencies, this Essential First Aid and Trauma Kit offers the resources needed to manage situations confidently.

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