Micro IFAK – Essential Everyday Carry Kit

Compact Micro IFAK: The Essential Everyday Carry Kit – Designed for the adventurer who values preparedness and portability, the Micro IFAQ is your indispensable companion for any journey. This kit combines a life-saving ETQ Everyday Carry Tourniquet and North American Rescue S-Rolled Compressed Gauze, all packed in a sturdy, vacuum-sealed packet that fits comfortably in your pocket. With a large V-notch for quick access, it ensures you’re ready for emergencies without the bulk. Ideal for hikers, hunters, and range enthusiasts, the Micro IFAK emphasizes the importance of carrying only the absolute essentials, making it a must-have for anyone who steps out into the wild or faces the unexpected in daily life.


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Micro IFAK – Essential Everyday Carry Kit

Compactness for Convenience: The Micro IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) is designed with utmost convenience and portability in mind. This Everyday Carry (EDC) kit is compact enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, ensuring you’re always prepared without being encumbered.


  1. ETQ Everyday Carry Tourniquet: This key component is lightweight and highly efficient. Specifically chosen for its ease of use and fast application, the ETQ tourniquet is a lifesaver in emergencies where controlling bleeding is critical.
  2. North American Rescue S-Rolled Compressed Gauze: This gauze is known for its exceptional quality. Compressed into a small package, it’s perfect for wound packing and can be rapidly deployed when needed.

Sturdy Packaging: The entire kit is enclosed in a durable, vacuum-sealed packet. This not only protects the contents from elements but also ensures they remain sterile until use.

Quick Access Design: We understand that in emergencies, every second counts. That’s why the packet features a large V-notch. This design allows for quick and effortless opening of the vacuum-sealed package, enabling immediate access to the kit’s contents.

Versatility for Every Adventure: Whether you’re hiking through the backcountry, embarking on a hunting trip, backpacking across landscapes, or spending a day at the range, the Micro IFAK is an essential addition to your gear. It’s designed for anyone and everyone who understands the importance of being prepared for the unexpected.

Emphasis on Essentials: By focusing on just the bare essentials, this kit epitomizes the philosophy of ‘less is more’. It’s not about carrying everything but carrying what matters most. The Micro IFAK ensures that you’re never without the critical tools needed to handle basic emergency situations.

Your Trusty Companion: Lightweight, compact, and practical, the Micro IFAK is more than just a first aid kit; it’s a companion for your adventures, a reassurance in your pocket, a reminder that you’re ready for whatever the day might bring.

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