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Introducing Transcend Glucose Gel for Diabetics – a rapid and precise blood sugar support solution. With 15g of fast-acting glucose, these gel packs are a superior alternative to tablets, syrup, or powder, meeting the American Diabetes Association’s recommended dose for raising low blood sugar. Compact, easy-to-use pouches are perfect for on-the-go storage, ensuring you’re always prepared without the need for scissors, cap, or water. Offering a healthier alternative, Transcend raises blood sugar 2 times faster than orange juice, with fewer calories than soda and candy bars. Gluten-free, vegan, and proudly made in the USA, trust Transcend for efficient and reliable blood sugar management, endorsed by EMTs and paramedics nationwide.


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Transcend Glucose Gel for Diabetics, Blood Sugar Support Alternative to Glucose Tablets – 15g Dose, Made in USA

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FAST-ACTING GLUCOSE: Transcend’s mission is to provide effective & efficient solutions for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. That’s why we created our Glucose Gel Packs, which give you immediate, direct and precise blood sugar support when you need it most. Using glucose gummies, glucose syrup, or glucose powder regularly? Transcend glucose gels are the perfect substitute.

ACCURATE DOSING MADE EASY: No food, beverage or candy can support those with hypoglycemia without the potential of raising blood sugar too much. That’s why Transcend made sure each one of our Glucose Gels has exactly 15g of fast-acting glucose; the exact dose recommended by the American Diabetes Association to raise low blood sugar.

EASY TO USE: The durable and compact pouches can be stored in your pocket, purse, bag, backpack and even in your car. Transcend Glucose Gel Packs will never melt or freeze so you can always keep them on hand. Simply tear away the tab and squeeze the pack into your mouth for efficient & delicious blood sugar support. No scissors, no cap & no water required; these gel packs are truly no fuss.

A HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE: Transcend Glucose Gel Packs work to raise blood sugar 2 times faster than a glass of orange juice. They also have 50% less calories than a soda and ⅓ the calories of a candy bar. Our glucose gel is gluten free, vegan, and proudly made in the USA.

TRUST TRANSCEND: Transcend was inspired by real-life experiences and a deep understanding of what it’s like to live with diabetes. Our focus is on empowering people with the right tools needed to manage and control their blood sugar. Transcend products strictly abide by the American Diabetes Association’s recommendations and are used by EMTs and paramedics nationwide.
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