Midol 2 Pack

Midol Complete Caplets offer convenient on-the-go menstrual pain relief with their pouches containing two caplets each. These caplets are formulated with acetaminophen to effectively alleviate period pain, backaches, muscle aches, and headaches. With the added benefits of caffeine and pyrilamine maleate, Midol Complete addresses fatigue, bloating, and water weight gain associated with menstrual symptoms. These easy-to-take caplets are perfect for busy lifestyles, providing reliable relief for menstrual discomfort wherever you go. Simply take two caplets with water and repeat every six hours as needed, ensuring not to exceed six caplets in a day. Trust Midol Complete Caplets to help you manage menstrual symptoms effectively and stay active throughout your day.


Product Details

Midol Complete Caplets with Acetaminophen for Menstrual Symptom Relief – (Pouches of 2), On The Go Menstrual Pain Relief

  • On the Go Menstrual Pain Relief Caplets with Acetaminophen, Caffeine and Pyrilamine Maleate for Menstrual Symptom Relief
  • Contains acetaminophen for effective period pain relief while also providing backache, muscle ache and headache relief
  • Includes caffeine and pyrilamine maleate to relieve fatigue, bloating and water weight gain
  • Available in convenient on the go pouches that each contain two easy to take caplets for effective period pain and PMS relief you can take with you everywhere you go
  • Take two caplets with water and repeat every six hours as needed, but don’t take more than six caplets a day

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