resqme® Car Escape Tool, Seatbelt Cutter / Window Breaker

The resqme® Car Escape Tool is an essential safety device for motorists, combining a seatbelt cutter and window breaker in one compact, portable keychain tool. Designed initially for first responders, it is now a critical tool for drivers worldwide. Made in the USA, this lightweight yet powerful tool is crafted from durable materials like ABS plastic, stainless steel, and chrome-plated steel. It allows quick access in emergencies, with versatile placement options like a rear-view mirror, sun visor, keychain, or headrest, ensuring readiness when seconds count.


Product Details

resqme® Car Escape Tool, Seatbelt Cutter / Window Breaker

What is resqme®

Over 10 million motorists worldwide carry the resqme® keychain car escape tool, which is manufactured to keep you and your family safe while on the road!

This 2 in 1, safety and survival device, allows you to cut a jammed seatbelt and to break a tempered side window in your car while being portable and easy to carry around.

Originally developed for first responders (firefighters EMTs, law enforcement agencies);
resqme® has now become an essential safety solution for many safety-conscious individuals worldwide.

Main features

Made in USA – The Original • Breaks tempered car side windows • Cuts jammed safety belts • Compact, lightweight & powerful
The most reliable car escape tool • Trademarked and Patented

Where to place accessories

Now available, our Premium Accessory Package allows cautious drivers to literally place resqme® wherever they want for easy access when seconds count. Have a keyless entry car or too much junk on your car keys? Now, not only can you carry it on your keychain, you can also place it on your rear view mirror, sun visor or even your head rest.


    Hang from rear view mirror using the zip tie to allow for access for both driver and passenger.

  • resqme432

    Attach the visor clip to your sun visor, ideal for keyless entrance cars.

  • resqmeIMG-6955

    Attach resqme with key ring to easily reach while driving.

  • Resqme-142

    Hang from head rest using the lanyard to allow for access to back seat passengers.


    3L x 1.25W x 0.67D (in.) | 7.60L x 3.20W x 1.70D (cm.)


    0.6oz | 17 gr


    ABS plastic | Stainless steel | Hardened chrome plated steel | Nylon


Additional information

Weight 0.0375 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1.25 × .67 in