Eurosuture Wound Closure Strips

EUROSUTURE’s Skin Closure product features 1/8 x 3 inches Sterile Suture Strips made in Italy for superior wound care. These Reinforced Suture Strips are resistant to tensile stresses, with a unique macroporous fabric, offering dynamic adherence and security. The strips have rounded ends to resist curling and premature detachment, providing a cosmetically pleasing appearance. Mimicking human skin movement, Eurosuture is an essential addition to any first aid kit, offering a safe alternative to traditional sutures. Hypoallergenic, breathable, and Latex-free, these strips are easy to apply, ideal for contoured body areas and postoperative wound support. Available in sealed, E.O sterilized pouches, Eurosuture ensures maximum wound care in a compact and convenient form.


Product Details

EUROSUTURE – Skin Closure 1/8 x 3 inches Sterile Suture Strips, Dynamic Adherence and Superior Security for Wounds – Made in Italy

REINFORCED STERILE SUTURE STRIPS – The strips are resistant to tensile stresses, conformable, made of reinforced macroporous, non-woven fabric in polyester and polyamide with pressure sensitive adhesive. Faded color for a cosmetically pleasing appearance.

UNIQUE ROUNDED ENDS – The unique rounded ends resist curl or form crinkles and premature detachment from the wound edges. Available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Providing wound support following early suture or staple removal.

MAXIMUM DYNAMIC ADHERENCE AND SUPERIOR WOUND SECURITY – The proprietary materials allow Eurosuture to have a perfect balance between elasticity and adherence, closely mimicking the movement of human skin. A must on any first aid kit.

SAFE SUTURE STRIPS – They can be used to replace traditional sutures reducing the risk of infection, eliminating the signs of suture punctures and minimizing the formation of scars. EUROSUTURE is Latex free. Hypoallergenic, skin friendly, breathable. Available in sealed pouches E.O sterilized.
EASY TO APPLY – They are placed on a support paper for fast very easy application. They are ideal for contoured body areas or where movement occur. They are useful for postoperative wound support and following suture removal.

Additional information

Weight 0.000625 lbs
Dimensions 5.55 × .01 × 2.83 in